Create-your-own 6" Thumball (Tangerine & Silver)

Create-your-own 6" Thumball (Tangerine & Silver)


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Everyone's favorite icebreaker, Thumball, is a soft 6" stuffed ball with loads of applications! The Create-Your-Own Thumball looks like a cool soccer ball and has 30 panels that are purposefully left blank so that you can customize it to your own content and audience needs. Armed with a permanent marker (included), you can add your own questions, prompts and graphics, and create an exercise that is "spot on" for your training needs. Image above shows suggested use only. You'll get a ball with 30 BLANK panels! Contents: 1 Create-Your-Own Thumball with 30 blank panels 1 Black Permanent Fine-tip Marker Everybody loves Thumballs ' trainers, teachers, facilitators, counselors, parents, kids, event planners, team leaders, managers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, senators, engineers, artists, athletes, even astronauts*. * Astronauts may need to spin the Thumball instead of tossing it.