Influencing Pocketbook

Influencing Pocketbook

ISBN 9781906610760

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Influencing skills are at the heart of all successful communication. It could be described as "Unobtrusively getting your own way". In fact, most managers do it most of the time.

This pocketbook covers the gamut of influencing, as it examines different influencing styles, shows you how to establish rapport, deal with different personalities and handle resistance. It talks about how everyone has the potential to influence - both positively AND negatively - and how to communicate your message to effectively influence.

It lists five easy steps to influence, eight influencing styles, ten good reasons to build rapport and four different personality types with influencing techniques for each.

Underlining the importance of this topic is an American Management Association survey that asked "What is the number one need for success in business today?" - the most popular answer was "To persuade others of my value and the value of my ideas".