Energy & Wellbeing Pocketbook

Energy & Wellbeing Pocketbook

ISBN 9781906610746

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Physically exhausted? Mentally drained? The Energy & Well-Being Pocketbook will get you in shape, show you how to work more healthily, and boost your drive and enthusiasm.

The author begins by demonstrating how to carry out an energy and well-being audit to establish personal well-being goals. For example, what we eat and the space we work in are key to boosting energy levels. Even small changes in these areas could be the key to a whole new lease on life!

Describing how food can stimulate the brain and relieve stress, the author deals with how plants, colour, sound and lighting can contribute to the creation of an energy-boosting work environment.

Nor should physical exercise be ignored! There is advice on pose/posture, energy-boosting breaks and a range of activities including desk exercises.

Finally there are sections on work/life balance and on how to create an energy and well-being action plan.

Oh, and don't forget to schedule time for yourself to recharge.