Business Planning Pocketbook: 2nd Edition

Business Planning Pocketbook: 2nd Edition

ISBN 9781906610722

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In making a complex subject simple, the author describes a business plan as "a statement of what you intend to achieve how when and with what resources". Covering a seven-stage planning process, this title will walk you through this most critical of tasks to help ensure your business success.

The Business Planning Pocketbook explains what issues to address, how to write a business plan, what questions to ask, how much detail to include and the time-frame to adopt. It is ideal for people who run their own business, those at middle management levels and managers of SMEs.

It concentrates on planning theory, planning process and practical planning. Whether you are details-oriented and enjoy strategising, or if you need more help than the average person, this understandable guide will make a good plan great.