Key Account Manager's Pocketbook: 2nd Edition

Key Account Manager's Pocketbook: 2nd Edition

ISBN 9781906610593

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The Key Account Manager's Pocketbook gives practical advice on how to keep and develop important customers, thereby maximising ongoing revenue streams reducing sales costs, improving investment planning and increasing market knowledge.

The book opens by describing the key account manager's role and shows how to ally with your key customers to produce winning business partnerships. It also discusses strategies on how to rise up the so-called customer perception ladder - moving from a simple commodity supplier to developing a solid, long-term relationship with your key customers.

The author explains how to develop a 'key account management plan', how to increase your influence with the decision-maker in your key account (relationship management) and how to win new business.

The final chapter runs through the essential steps of key account handling. Short exercises throughout help to reinforce the main learning points.