Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook

Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook

ISBN 9781906610425

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In the Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook, the author demystifies a complex subject that has been dominated by academic heavyweight literature. 

This book is designed to introduce and define EI, provide a framework for understanding it, illustrate ways to develop your capabilities and show how you can use it to change your organisation. Becoming more emotionally aware and learning to manage your feelings better can have significant impact in both personal and organisational areas.

The book takes readers through each of the five steps to attaining EI, which are:
- Self awareness
- Emotion management
- Self-motivation
- Relationship management
- Emotion coaching

It will show you how to assess and develop your emotional intelligence witha test, a plan and how to develop high-EQ habits. This succinct book has been described as "a highly recommended and fulfilling appetiser to a life-enriching feast".

A survey of managers in the UK revealed that those high on EI (Emotional Intelligence) experienced less stress, enjoyed better health, demonstrated higher levels of morale and performance and reported a better quality of life. US research involving partners of a multinational consulting firm showed that those people with higher EI competencies secured $1.2 million more profit.