Improving Efficiency Pocketbook

Improving Efficiency Pocketbook

ISBN 9781903776858

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To deliver more from less (more sales profits etc. from fewer resources) you must understand in detail your organisation's operations or processes.

The Improving Efficiency Pocketbook challenges four areas of operations:
1. The design: why are things done in a certain way?
2. The plan: is there a better way to meet demand?
3. The controls: are the right things being measured?
4. The way improvements are made: are you involving your people, customers and suppliers?

The book follows a 6-stage model, each covered by a separate chapter. It will help you understand your operation, set the right objectives, improve your work processing, increase your capacity and continuously improve.

The consistent and systematic application of the tools and techniques contained in this Pocketbook will improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes and resources.