Impact and Presence Pocketbook

Impact and Presence Pocketbook

ISBN 9781903776186

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This book is for people in business who want to maximise their presence and create a powerful impact on the people they meet and work with. It explains how to appear confident and use dynamic communication, as well as how to develop your own personal brand, create leadership presence and achieve personal impact.

Subjects covered include:

  • self-awareness (with a questionnaire for readers to review their own impact)
  • visualisation
  • creating a brand image
  • posture
  • gesture
  • eye contact
  • emotional control
  • dress style
  • creating rapport
  • what to do in difficult circumstances
  • how to create impact in different situations (i.e. meetings interviews presentations and one-to-one sessions)

    Impact is created within the first 15 seconds of a meeting and what is said (the content) accounts for just 10% of the impact - it's how the message is delivered that creates the biggest impression! This handy book is all you need to know about making sure the impression's a lasting one.