Learners Pocketbook

Learners Pocketbook

ISBN 9781870471305

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The Learners Pocketbook was reviewed by Tony Buzan as "a considered and intelligent introduction to this intriguing field, and will start the 'learner of learning' off in the right direction".

The book encourages individuals to take responsibility for their own learning, and explains how they can harness their brain power to make the most of the learning process. It even has some memory tricks to ensure that learning sticks!

It can be used in preparation for any type of learning and makes ideal pre-course material - and not just for learning about learning. This handy reference covers the following in the highly visual, approachable Pocketbook style:

  • brain power
  • learning theory
  • planning and committing
  • intelligence styles and techniques

    Has been used successfully as staff support training material where employees have taken up their posts as a second career move and have been away from the learning environment for some time.