A Healing Hand

A Healing Hand

Publication Date: 18 Jan 2016
Serenity Press

ISBN 9780994473080

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After ten years away, Alyssa Martin is back in town. She's had to give up everything she has worked so hard to achieve and is doing her best to forget the reason it was necessary to do so. When she runs into Dean, her friend's older brother, she knows it's best to steer clear. But Dean has other ideas. Dean Daniels has played the field for years and seeing the girl he once admired from afar has stirred up a lot of emotions he's not quite sure how to deal with. But, when Alyssa reveals a shocking secret, he's determined to make her see he's not the man he once was. Will he find a place in her heart? A heartfelt and sensual tale of second chances, A Healing Hand will romance your soul. Short story from the Rocky Romance collection