After Goodbye

After Goodbye

Publication Date: 8 Mar 2020
Daisy Lane Publishing

ISBN 9780648699804

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A decent man doesn’t leave a good wife and marriages don’t fall apart without warning over breakfast between “One egg, or two?” and “Pass the sugar, please”… or so Stella Romney believes until, without any warning, her husband Daniel says he is leaving her and their two children. Meeting a stranger at the seashore where she goes to seek solace introduces her to a different perspective on life – and the possibility this new friendship can become something deeper. Free spirit Chris encourages Stella to access her inner strength and explore her potential.As her life opens up, Daniel’s choice doesn’t deliver the freedom he expected and his life is more complicated than ever. Stella must find it in her heart to set aside the pain his leaving caused and offer compassion and support to the father of her children.She can choose to stay mired in yesterday’s regrets – or do what she can to create a brighter tomorrow for them all.